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Whats New At Heating Induction Services

2017 Welcome to our New Website. We have recently redesigned our site and hope that you find all the information you are looking for.

2017 We are launching the 3D design and implementation of a new line of single and dual spindle scanner packages that can be ordered with build as you go options for any model or size. Providing our customers with the ultimate control of which features are most important to their applications: Click Here for more on Scanners

2017 we are launching the design and implementation of the DATAPRO data aquisition system for our Induction Power Supplies. The DATAPRO will be used on our Ultra-Match 1, Ultra-Match 3 and Auto-Match 1 Power Supplies. The goal is to provide on board video tutorials on how to operate and service the machinery as well as provide power supply operational data with automated tuning suggestions.

2017 we developed the Mini-Match II portable induction power supply unit. These systems come in power ranges of 1-10 kW at operational frequencies of 20-80 kHz. The Mini-Match II unit will come available in a bench top version with remote work stations or a larger wall mount version that has the work station built internally: Click Here for Mini-Match II Section

2017 we are in the beginning design stages of a new SI based IGBT power supply that can reduce the switching losses at higher frequencies allowing us to push more power in smaller packages, bringing costs down and reducing floor space. These new power units will start off in power ranges of 1-150kW and frequencies of 150 kHz. These new units will also incorporate our DATAPRO display controller.

2017 we are happy to announce the addition of The Robert J Peters Company, Inc. as our new Midwest outside sales representation. Robert and Tom have both served the induction industry for many years and have a solid induction background. To find our more about the R J Peters Company, Inc. Click the following link below:
The R J Peters Company, INC.