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Ultra-Match I Induction Power Supply

Heating Induction Services Ultra-Match I Power Supply

Ultra-Match I Power Supply Design

The Ultra-Match I (UM1) is a current source, IGBT based, high frequency induction machine. This unit comes in power ranges from 10 kW to 50 kW and frequencies of 20 kHz to 80 kHz nominal. The Ultra-Match I is a “series tune” machine that replaces many tube oscillator systems. It is ideal for small heating applications that use low inductance heating coils (1-2-3 turn type coils).

Standard Features and Specifications Include:

  • 220-240 VAC, 3-Phase, 50-60 Hz Power Input
  • Simple Operators Control Panel with Analog Meters
  • Conservatively Rated Power Components for 100% Continuous Duty Operation
  • Free Standing Package (24″D x 30″W x 60″T) or Portable with Wheels option
  • Series Tune Power Circuit
  • Water Cooled with Quick Disconnect Plumbing Fittings
  • Input Pressure Switch, Output Thermal Sensors for Critical Power Component Protection
  • Internal Heat Station Standard, Remote Heat Station Available
  • Water Cooling Systems are Provided as Options (Refer to the Water Systems Section)

Input KVA, GPM & BTU Dissipation Required at 100% Duty Cycle:

  • 10-kW (12 KVA / 7 GPM and 16 kBtu Dissipation)
  • 15-kW (18 KVA / 8 GPM and 24 kBtu Dissipation)
  • 20-kW (24 KVA / 9 GPM and 32 kBtu Dissipation)
  • 30-kW (35 KVA / 11 GPM and 47 kBtu Dissipation)
  • 40-kW (47 KVA / 13 GPM and 63 kBtu Dissipation)
  • 50-kW (59 KVA / 15 GPM and 79 kBtu Dissipation)

Optional Features:

  • Remote Start-Stop and Power Level
  • Foot Switch and/or Timer Control Package
  • Ground Fault Detector
  • Remote Heat Station
  • Infrared Monitor/Controller

Common Applications for the Ultra Match-I Induction Systems:

*Brazing *Heading *Forming and Forging *Coating Applications *Cap Sealing