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Melting Systems

Heating Induction Services Melting Applications

Heating with induction for melting is a big part of our business. We offer complete melting systems utilizing the Auto-Match I or Ultra-Match III power supplies and fully shunted steel box and steel shell furnace designs. We offer the Auto-Melt™ product line of industrial PLC melt monitors. The Auto-Melt™ PLC products employ Allen Bradley series controllers with Panel View touch screens and provide machine diagnostics and performance updates..

Increased Production Output:

The HIS Auto-Match I solid state melting power supply is engineered to allow rated power to be drawn through the melt without the need for capacitor and/or transformer switching. The units are designed to perform in harsh environments. Because no output load matching transformer is used, overall system efficiency is significantly higher compared to conventional designs. Giving you more metal per kW. The systems are available in power ranges of 50 kW up to 2 MW at frequencies of 180 Hz up to 3 kHz.

HIS Tilt Furnace Technology:

HIS builds tilt type furnaces in capacities from 200 lbs to 5 tons! The aluminum frame tilt furnace, with capacities to 2000 lbs, offers ease of maintenance and better mechanical characteristics compared to traditional transite box furnaces. The steel frame tilt furnace has capacities in excess of 2000 lbs. Easy access is provided to the coil and shunts without disassembly of any part of the unit. Furnace leads are typically routed behind the furnace to allow clear access to the furnace.

Full Support:

Twin 1MW Induction Units with 6000# Steel Melting Furnaces

HIS, Inc. provides all the needed engineering and support to ensure a successful start-up of your melting system including the power supply, melting furnace, furnace leads or buss work, facility pit design, hydraulic equipment and water systems.

Non-Ferrous Melting:

The HIS, Inc. Lift swing furnace offers fast reliable melting for foundries who process a variety of non-ferrous alloys. The coil lifts up away from the crucible for fast metal changes. The lift swing furnace systems are delivered fully assembled and require no pit or special foundation work. Installation is as simple as connecting power and water.