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Forging Machinery


Heating Induction Services, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing Induction Forging Machinery for over 20 years. Our forging equipment is designed with one very simple principle “Make It Rugged”. We have more than 60 years of combined engineering experience in the Forging Industry. We understand the abuse forging systems are under everyday and design our machinery to survive that environment.

All of our material handling components are CAD engineered and CNC CAM manufactured enabling us to have complete control over quality and delivery. Such a unique combination of in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and testing give Heating Induction Services, Inc. the ability to “Stand and Deliver” as promised.

We manufacture complete turnkey Induction Forging Systems no matter what level of engineering is required. We listen to the unique and individual needs of each customer, working together to unite the most advanced material handling technology with our customers’ material handling needs.

  • 1200kW 3-Coil Forging Line
  • 400kW Single Coil Pusher System

Common Forging Support Machinery:

*Pinch Roll Drives *In-Feed Conveyors *Pusher Systems *Straight Chain Conveyors *Sorting Conveyors *Caterpillar Drives *Walking Beam Systems *Bar Loaders *Extractors *Bin Tippers *Vibratory Bowl Feeders 400-kW 1-kHz Billet Heater for Rail Car Brake Components Shown Above