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Mass Heating / Forging Coils

Heating Induction Services Mass Heating Coils


HIS, Inc. is an industry leader, being one of the first companies to develop the Nylon dipping process for winding insulation. We are the only company to develop a tabless skid rail system allowing rails to stay in location without any mounting hardware needed. This reduces end user cost because without tabs the rail can be flipped to the other side and used longer. We use rectangular copper tubing exclusively on all coils which improves the efficiency. All of our coil designs are being designed using Solidworks 3D.


We start the build of our coils by using only premium products such as, heavy wall rectangular copper tubing, heavy wall water manifold material, premium refractories, maple support boards, stainless steel fasteners, premium non-conductive hose. In order to sell a good product you have to start with good materials. Each step of the build process is checked to make sure the components match up to the blueprints.


HIS offers a complete repair facility for all makes/models of mass heating and forging coils no matter who the OEM was. In many cases we offer reverse engineering services and detail the repaired coil in Solidworks 3D for our customers. Along with reverse engineering we offer our OEM expertise in the area of coil repairs and suggest longer lasting solutions instead of quick/easy (much less reliable) approaches many of our competitors choose to take. We know the repairs market is very competitive and suggest you provide HIS with an opportunity to review your coils with you, establishing fixed coil repair pricing giving you OEM quality at after market prices.

Dont Forget Test!

Drying refractory is critical to coil longevity. Most of our customers are aware of the refractory curing process where refractory is cured with a part at 1200 degrees F. This process takes approximately 30 minutes on a machine. The curing process takes away from needed production time. To increase customer production time, HIS offers a “live run” refractory curing service. We will cure the refractory on our own induction machinery with billets prior to shipment. This provides an additional QC check to make sure no water lines are overheating. When you get a coil from HIS its ready to go into production.