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Machine Control Packages

Heating Induction Services Machine Controls

Heating Induction Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of operator control interfaces for our automation machines and power supplies. All (Human Machine Interface) HMI units are custom engineered to meet our customers requirements. Whether your application requires a simple start/stop circuit or a touch screen with data acquisition capabilities transferred via ethernet, we have a solution that will work.

We have several controls systems to interface with our machines in a variety of configurations, proportional control loops (PID) that can regulate a power supply to hold a part at temperature. Auto averaging circuits which can establish a varying power level based on a changing temperature process, remote I/O, scanner “teach” platforms that introduce a fully fluid interface between a programming requirement and the PLC, ball screw drive servo controllers, AC VFD drives, DC drives, data logging device-net compatibilities and much more.Each HMI / PLC system can have as many as 1000 part storage recipes. Using the HIS Quick-Search feature an operator can access a new recipe quickly. Recipes can be Supervisor password protected so that critical operating features can not be changed.


HIS, Inc. is using an industrial VPN router. This VPN Router allows us to access the PLC system from our office providing another improved level of service and support