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Water Systems

Heating Induction Services Water Supplies

Heating Induction Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of cooling options for our induction systems. Whether you are cooling a 5 kW Mini-Match II or entire manufacturing facility full of induction equipment, HIS has the ability to fill any and all of your requirements.
Contact HIS today and allow our engineering staff to run the GPM and BTU load calculations for your application and help guide you through the cooling system selection process.

Traditional Water Cooling Configurations.

  • Pressurized closed loop evaporative systems (for high throughput applications)
  • Non-pressurized closed loop dry cooler systems
  • Water to water heat exchanger systems
  • Low power water to air heat exchanger systems
  • Self contained chiller packages

Standard High Quality Components.

HIS water systems are built with a 20% surplus capacity, providing excellent cooling to the induction equipment and coils. Our water cooling systems are manufactured from the finest quality components which include:

Every customer has a unique application, every part has a unique process. Call today and let us solve your problem with a unique solution.

*TEFC Stainless Steel Pumps   *Stainless Steel Holding and Expansion Tanks   *Brazed Copper Piping
*Digital Temperature Controller   *Bronze Y Strainer   *Shut Off Valves Before/After The Pump
*Pressure Gages   *Bladder Tanks   *Allen Bradley Controls

From large 20 MBTU load dissipation systems all the way down to a simple single fan water-air cooler, We have a system to fit your requirement.