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Semiconductor Process

Heating Induction Services Semiconductor Process

MOCVD Reactors or (M)etal (O)rganic (C)hemical (V)apour (D)eposition is a technique for depositing a thin layer of atoms onto a semiconductor wafer. Using MOCVD you can build up many layers of precisely controlled thicknesses, to create a specific optical and electrical property.

The use of tightly controlled induction heating power supplies to vary the temperature of the semiconductor for this process is something our machines can easily accomplish. The MOCVD process can take in upwards of 2-Hours depending on the size of the reactor. Unlike traditional induction heating processes which seek rapid heat into the workpiece, the MOCVD process requires precise and steady PID temperature control so that cracking of the suceptor is eliminated. Reliable and robust equipment is key to the success of the MOCVD process.

The color disparity in the photo above is deceiving. The actual temperature variation once in a Bell Jar was +/- 3 degrees F across the entire suceptor and +/- 1 degree F across an individual semiconductor disc.