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Data Acquisition

Heating Induction Services Data Acquisition

VIZPRO The latest in PC driven Data Acquisition systems.


National Instruments (NI) is the standard for robust hardware design. There are 2 options available, Ethernet and USB. Ethernet is more robust, USB is less cost. The system comes standard with 16 analog input channels. The hardware has a sample rate of 200k samples/sec generating a true “Real Time” display.


The Operating software is developed specific to a customers exact recording and reporting needs. The system communicates to any PLC using an OPC (OLE for Process Control). This free communication between the PC and PLC makes for a fully customizable and extremely fast data collection system.

Common Implementation

The VIZPRO system is used primarily in the heat treating industry where rigorous reporting and precise induction repeatability is critical. The simplicity of the VIZPRO system once setup on a Lab unit allows the transfer of any established and proven signature file into a production machine. This has streamlined communication between a facility Metallurgist and the production operators. This allows for a “MASTER” singnature file which can be password protected.