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Auto-Match I Induction Power Supply

Heating Induction Services Auto-Match I Power Supply

Auto-Match I Power Supply Design

The Auto-Match I (AM1) is a current source, SCR based, low and medium frequency induction heating machine. This unit comes in power ranges of 10 kW to 2 MW and frequencies of 100 Hz to 3 kHz nominal. Conservatively rated components allow for 100% duty cycle rating along with the HIS 18% MORE POWER standard feature as part of our UM3 and AM1 Brands .

Standard Features and Specifications Include:

  • 380-575 VAC (Advise During Quoting), 3-Phase, 50-60Hz Power Input
  • Input Disconnect Switch (Circuit Breakers with Under Voltage or Shunt Trip, Available upon request)
  • 3-Phase Current Controlled Rectifier
  • Frequency Tracking Between 60-130% with NO Capacitor Tap Changes
  • Variable Output Voltage with TOT Manipulation, Improving Line Efficiency
  • Simple Operators Interface Panel with Voltage, Kilowatt and Frequency Meters
  • Single Button Operation with Tight Tolerance Regulation (1/2 of 1%)
  • Thermal Safety Protection on Critical Power Components
  • Conservative Component Rating, Yields 120% Power Capacity (Standard)
  • 25 Years of Proven Durability and Reliability

Optional Features:

  • Resonant Frequency Test Circuit for Easy Load Setup
  • Full PLC Interface, (0-10V, Discrete I/O and Ethernet Available)
  • Push-Lok Hose Fittings (Eliminates All Hose Clamps)
  • Assembly Orientation Options and Custom Paint Colors

Common Applications for the Auto-Match I Induction Systems:

*Forging *Melting *Heat Treating *OCTG Production *Annealing and Tempering *Coating Application *Shrink Fitting *Custom Applications

This Product Line is Very Closely Matched to our more Advanced Ultra Match III, IGBT Based System.