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Ultra-Match II Induction Power Supply

Heating Induction Services Ultra-Match II Power Supply

Ultra-Match II Power Supply Design

The Ultra-Match II (UM2) is a voltage source, IGBT based, low, medium or high frequency induction heating machine. This unit comes in power ranges from 10 kW to 400 kW and frequencies of 100 Hz to 50 kHz nominal. Voltage source technology is ideal for fast response heat treating applications that demand full power delivery in under 0.5 seconds

Standard Features and Specifications Include:

  • 380-575 VAC (Advise During Quoting), 3-Phase, 50-60Hz Power Input
  • Input Disconnect Switch, Circuit Breakers with Under Voltage or Shunt Trip, Available upon request
  • 3-Phase Diode Rectifier
  • Frequency Tracking Between 60-130% with NO Capacitor Tap Changes
  • Dip Switch (or PLC) Frequency Selection
  • Single Main Inverter Board With Easy Setup Guides
  • Digital Operators Panel with Voltage, Kilowatt, Frequency Meters and Full Faults Indicators
  • Single Button, Simple Operation with Tight Tolerance Regulation (1/2 of 1%)
  • Thermal Safety Protection on Critical Power Components

Optional Features:

  • Resonant Frequency Test Circuit for Easy Load Setup
  • Full PLC Interface, (0-10V, Discrete I/O and Ethernet Connectivity Available)
  • Push-Lok Hose Fittings (Eliminates All Hose Clamps)
  • Assembly Orientation Options and Custom Paint Colors

Common Applications for the Ultra-Match II Induction Systems:

*Forging *Melting *Heat Treating *Pipe & Drill Collar Manufacturing *Annealing *Tempering

*Brazing and Bonding *Crystal Growing *MOCVD Reactors *Coating Applications *Shrink Fitting